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Nothing to Say and Nobody to Say it to

It’s slow around here on weekends. I think I get a lot of traffic from people slacking off at work. You know it’s bad when the highlight of your day is a wrong number.

Made it up to Target today (I know what you’re thinking – how can I live with the excitement?) and picked up some light bulbs. I hope the Journal of the Mundane is catching all this. So we spent all afternoon at the Mall, bought very little, and then when I got home I rushed to mow the lawn before it got dark. I realized how early it gets dark when I finished, came in, de-grassed myself and am sitting here for the first time today…and it’s only 6:20. It was freezing out too. I had a hat on and a sweatshirt – I knew I’d warm up quickly once I got going – but my face was FREEZING. My cheeks are still cold! I just checked, it’s 44 degrees. Oh, that would explain it!

Speaking of having fun in the freezing cold, last night we decided to go to the Drive-in to see Good Boy. What a cute movie! It was a perfect pick, and I’m glad we went last night because the man running the ticket booth explained that it was going to be the last night the place was open this season. I think they made that decision when only 22 cars went to the movie on Friday, and I’m guessing only a few more than that last night. He said they can’t compete with all the local sports, football especially. I guess I can see his point. It wasn’t my place to mention to him that in years past, they’d cater to an older crowd once it got this cold out. R rated movies, actually they did some adult films back then.

But we had a blast, ate like piggies, enjoyed the movie, and only needed to start the car about every 30 minutes to de-fog the windows. What more could you ask for?