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Minty Fresh

I am really digging the Hot Cinnamon Ice Breakers gum. I only have one more piece in my pack, which is sad. It’s hot this hot little flavor bits that sometimes simulate when you chew gum after eating corn chips – you know, at first you think maybe it was something you had stuck in your teeth. But then the crunchy bit burns because it’s actually come kind of condensed cinnamon flavor. It’s not just gum, it’s a whole bloody adventure!

Speaking of gum, I was having a flashback to trick-or-treating when I was a kid. Back then my parent’s house had a “mud room” and that’s where mom set up the Halloween candy. (Is mud room a regional thing? I don’t even know anyone else who has one, to be honest. It’s a room before you got into the main house, unheated, where you could keep coats and shoes, etc. At my house it was the room we kids could play in without fear we’d mess something up.)

Anyway, I was thinking about how much I loved getting Beechies when Trick-or-Treating. Beechies were the little boxes of two pieces of gum. I assume they were competing with Chiclets, as they were the same size and shape. But Beechies had non-fruit flavors, like spearmint and Pepsin (whatever THAT is). Now every once in a while you find Beechies, but they don’t have the flavors I like. And if Junior just HAPPENS to get a little box, I’ll just bet you it’s peppermint. It makes me sad. Beechies Pepsin is the definitive Halloween candy for me.