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J-La’s In Tha House

My step-kids were up for the weekend, and the 11 year old and I went to Sears Saturday to use my $5/off coupon (good only on the 4th). We somehow ended up over in the jewelry section looking at all the “costume” jewelry, and we decided we needed to each buy the biggest, gaudiest diamond-y ring we could find. Let me tell you, cubic zirconia rocks. My gigantic sparkler, with 14k gold electroplated setting looks real. It’s a blue-ish round diamond (gotta be like 3 carets of CZs) with a pear-shaped and two small round CZs on each side. Like, celeb-sized looking ring. For ten dollars! My God, who needs real diamonds!?

So then when we got home I started to refer to myself as J-La, which annoyed my step-son enough for him to mention that I was talking about myself in the third person.

But that’s what J-La does, people. I wore my bling-bling (or is it blang-blang if it’s fake?) to work today, although I think I might take it off if I have to go to a meeting. I mean, I don’t want anyone to think J-La is being overpaid.