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It’s a Glorious Day!

I worry that I complain too much about bad weather here at the dump (in my effort to remain queen of the mundane, of course) so I feel obligated to tell you what a great day it is. Blue sky, indian summer, Sox won game one of the ALCS series against the Yankees. I mean, I may even be able to forget that my head is full of melted marshmallows and that I’m slowly using up every tissue on the planet.

I was going to say Kleenex(R) up there, but I didn’t want the fine folks who make my favorite nose-wiping material to send me a “hey, it’s Kleenex Brand Tissue, you dolt” email.

So all you people who are wandering in here after visiting my Emeril page – where in the heck did you all come from? Did Emeril do something and interest in him re-piqued? I mean, double my normal traffic on that page, and lots of you wandering over here for more Fun Jody Moments(sm).

Okay, time to go harass Yankee’s fan Jim who sits across from me. I think I’ll say “Cowboy Up” about 30 times over the course of the day just within earshot of him. Heh.