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It Feels Like Fall

It’s Columbus Day, and while my company doesn’t have the day off, I do because Junior doesn’t have school or daycare today. We did our Walmart errands (I wish Target was closer, but I just didn’t have 45 minutes to drive each way to Target) and now I’m trying to get some work done. Junior earned himself a Bionicle because last night he helped me carry stuff up from the toy room up to the newly-designated toy room. I’m not even done yet, but what we did yesterday took a HUGE bite out of what needs to be done. Plus I ended up with two boxes of yard sale toys (and a whole bag of stuff that went in the trash that he didn’t see.) So I feel good about that!

Too bad yesterday wasn’t as nice as this – it would have been great to have that extra day to get stuff done around the house. Now everything is wet from the rain, plus I’m supposed to be working. Oh well…