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Is It Naptime?

Man, I’m wasted right now. I should be outside mowing my lawn and I just want to curl up somewhere. I fear I’d curl up in a pile of leaves if I went out there. I’ve had it with mowing the lawn, can’t I just let it go until next spring?

I’m reading a book set in 16th century Scotland right now, and while I think parts of it are historically accurate I’m afraid not enough of it is that I can say “that’s what it must have been like for my ancestors who lived back in 16th Century Scotland. I did trace the family back fairly far, possibly not back as far as this book, but it’s not like my relatives just sprang from the earth from seeds planted by visitors from another planet. So at some point I had relatives living in 16th century Scotland. Anyway, I should try to find a better book to learn the types of things they ate, etc. I have to imagine they weren’t quite a civilized as these folk are. I’m guessing they were more like the peasants in the filth in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. “Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! I’m being repressed!”

I tried a latte at Dunkin Donuts today, because I was the only one in the place (up in Hollis NH) and that way I could take my time asking them if I’d like it. I got the mocha one, and it was better than I’d hoped, once I realized all the sugar was at the bottom. But it was still too strong for me, you know? I’m such a coffee wuss.

Okay, one last thing. You know how I was telling you Junior likes games where he takes care of little creatures? Well today his step-brother is visiting and they were playing, and J-P somehow lost track of the 6 yellow ones, and the end of the day came. You have to return them all to the place where they live at the end of the day or they get eaten. And they got eaten. And Junior burst into tears and ran off to his room. He was beside himself that we’d let these six little things die. “I miss them!” Oh, my sensitive, sensitive little man. This is why we don’t own a cat or a dog.