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I’m Nobody, Who Are You?

J-La sez:

First of all, a shout out to my girl Emily Dickinson for the subject line. That what it feels like out here, watching all the world gather for a blogging conference, bloggercon, and knowing that a) I’ve been doing this since 1996, even if it wasn’t called blogging back then

b) Not only am I not considered A-list, I think I might be D-list

c) The people who make up the meat of the great Bloggers couldn’t afford to attend the conference if you offered them a 50% discount. Hell, a 75% discount.

Hey, I would have liked to meet Adam Curry – I’m friends with his sister. I would have told him to take back some maple syrup when he went home, because she really likes it and they don’t sell it in Europe (not like here, anyway).

I would have liked to just BE there, even if I have nothing Big and Important to say. But that’s right out, not unless I start making a LOT of money doing this whole web thing. Or if I get to be pretty and popular and the quarterback asks me to the prom. But I’m 7, almost 8 years into this web site and I think I’ve made about $450 total in that time, mostly from you guys clicking on my Amazon links before you buy stuff over there. (Thanks again, kids!) Wow, $450! That offsets my costs by, well, let’s just say that it doesn’t even keep me online a whole year. So no, unless someone comps me a seat at a conference (maybe because I’ll hand out “Hello My Blog’s Name Is” badges) I guess I’ll just be watching from my living room.