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Hoo ya!

Why yes, I did stay up and watch EVERY SECOND of the game last night. That was certainly a game where you scratch your head and say “What the hell was THAT?” My one comment for the A’s is this: Didn’t anyone ever tell you boys to always always touch home plate? I mean, who stops running between third and home? I’ll be the first to say that Bill Mueller obstructed him. But I learned back in Lassie League when I was 12 that you finish running and tag the base, no matter what. Is that not a rule in major league baseball? They can bitch all they want, as I said to Mr. Dump as it was happening, if he’d actually run home and scored (which he probably would have given the horrible throw to Varitek) this would all be moot. But he stopped running and didn’t give the umpires the option of giving him the run.

And Byrnes, you big stupid baby. Hope you enjoyed shoving Varitek. He sure enjoyed tagging you out for not touching home.

Can’t wait until 1 o’clock. I can’t believe we have another game schedule 13.5 hours after the last one ended. Amazing. And hey, I’m a realist, I don’t know that we’ll win. But at least they didn’t sweep us.