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Don’t You Just Love a Bargain?

No, I wasn’t at the Christmas Tree Shop, but that’s a good idea. I haven’t been in a couple of months. So anyway, I decided to treat us to a new GameCube game, if I could find a cheap one. It costs $6 to rent one from Blockbluster, so if you play a game for a few weeks, you’re ahead of the game. I told Junior that I would ONLY buy one if it was on sale.

There’s a game I’d had my eye on since I was scoping out what system Santa would bring last Christmas. I heard nothing but good stuff for the game “Pikmin” and Circuit City (or as Junior calls it, in all seriousness, Circus City) had it for $17.99! Oh my goodness, that’s SO COOL! We’ve been playing it for a couple of hours, and finally have the hang of the thing. Junior’s funny, he loves the games where you control or raise little people. The Chao Gardens in Sonic, the characters in Animal Crossing, even these things in a Playstation game that was good in theory but too hard in execution (I’m blanking on the name). I happen to love those games too. But in this one you sometimes lose Pikmin in battle or because you forget to put them back in their spaceshippy thing before night falls (and big bugs eat them). He’s freaking out because he doesn’t want any of them to die. Uh, well, that’s just part of the game – it’s hard to keep track of 100 of the little stinkers.

Okay, so I also got Dido’s new CD because I’ve been a good girl and I waved all my paper route money for it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll even get to listen to it!