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Come Back Later

No, not you. Well, sure you. Remember, each and every time you visit, an angel gets its wings. Or at least my counter goes up and for some reason, that’s the only thing keeping me going right now. The steady “thump thump thump” of the web counter showing visit after visit.

I was actually talking to my work email. Like my alarm clock, I make heavy use of the “snooze” function. I set reminders for things I need to do, like a good little ADD person. *Bing* it’s time to finish the XYZ report. *BING!* Update the ABC document to refer to LMNOP. Except they provide you with a snooze function, and you can tell it “Remind me again in 5 minutes.” Or ten, fifteen, thirty..8 hours…two days…

I just snoozed something for 4 hours. “Come back and bother me later today, I don’t have time for you right now.” I have some that pop up every 15 minutes and I say “not now” and I know I’ll have to do it again in another 15. It’s just not the highest priority this Monday morning, but it will keep bugging me, much like my son does when I’m on the phone.

Speaking of Junior – three, count ’em, three – pairs of pants went into the charity pile this weekend. STOP GROWING!