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Blog Income

I was reading over at Big Pink Cookie about the tip jar concept (which has never worked for me) and how people attempt to make any amount of money at all to defray the expense of running a website. My only income from running this site is what I get from referrals (If you use the link on the right to get to Amazon, I get a small commission on the sale). Last quarter this brought in $45. It’s not a lot, but it’s more than nothing, right?

I’m torn about advertising – I had banner ads, etc., and yet when I found a program I really wanted to join, Google’s AdSense, I was told my site didn’t qualify because it was a personal website. Well, that just stinks. And why is MY site not qualified but other blogs are? What changes can I make that would get my site the thumbs-up I so desire? Market it as a humor magazine? Decide on a theme and only talk about, say, snowblowers?