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And in The House That Dewey Built…

I’m going to link you all to a great summary of “the Incident” over at The House That Dewey Built, a baseball fan’s blog. I think his opinions hold more weight than mine, even if they are similar. I also didn’t have the back story to understand why some people are rabidly calling for Pedro’s head, practically canonizing Don Zimmer. I should point out, for the 400th time, Pedro didn’t seek out and charge Don Zimmer, kids. And as I pointed out on someone else’s blog, one of those video shots shows that half the reason Zim fell is because of the forward momentum and lack of balance he had.

Anyway, what bothers me most is when I read that people forgive Zim’s attempted assault on Pedro simply because he’s 72. That is just wrong – you can’t draw a line in the sand and say “oh, he’s 72, that’s on the “do whatever the hell you want and nobody can touch you” side of the line.

Michael Bloomberg, you big honking idiot. How DARE you say Pedro should have been arrested but refuse to comment the attack ON Pedro, OR the way the bullpen ganged up on the groundskeeper. If that happened in New York you would have arrested the perpetrator? Well wouldn’t that mean Zimmer would have had his only comfy seat in the back of a cruiser as well? I cannot fathom this turning a blind eye simply because Zimmer is 72. Outrageous!