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Month: October, 2003

Blog Income

I was reading over at Big Pink Cookie about the tip jar concept (which has never worked for me) and how people attempt to make any amount of money at all to defray the expense of running a website. My only income from running this site is what I get from referrals (If you use the link on the right to get to Amazon, I get a small commission on the sale). Last quarter this brought in $45. It’s not a lot, but it’s more than nothing, right?

I’m torn about advertising – I had banner ads, etc., and yet when I found a program I really wanted to join, Google’s AdSense, I was told my site didn’t qualify because it was a personal website. Well, that just stinks. And why is MY site not qualified but other blogs are? What changes can I make that would get my site the thumbs-up I so desire? Market it as a humor magazine? Decide on a theme and only talk about, say, snowblowers?


No Mail

Mail is back.

I’m having mail problems. Just wanted to let you know in case there was something important you were trying to send me. If you leave a comment here I’ll get back to you later.

Update: It’s a server problem, but the mail isn’t being lost. Eventually, I’ll get all the lovely fan mail you guys send. Not.


Why, I Oughta!

If I catch the guy who gave me back my horrible, hacking cough, I’m gonna….I’m gonna….

Update: Unless it’s Junior. I’m not going to thump him, so just stop dialing up DSS.


I Could Work in Casting!

When this whole Lacy Peterson thing occurred, I remember looking at the photos of Scott and thinking “My God, it’s Dean Cain!” I told some people that Dean Cain could play him in any made-for-television movies, but by that time Scott was sporting facial hair and the “oh the clorine in the pool must have turned my hair red” look. Suddenly everyone was telling me that he was a dead ringer for Ben Affleck, and I was full of beans for even mentioning Dean Cain.

Guess who just got the nod for the USA Network’s movie about the crime?

So, any other movies you need help casting?


3rd Nano Novel

From November 1st through the 30th I’ll be working on my NaNoWriMo novel, so remember to visit my NaNo Blog.


Minty Fresh

I am really digging the Hot Cinnamon Ice Breakers gum. I only have one more piece in my pack, which is sad. It’s hot this hot little flavor bits that sometimes simulate when you chew gum after eating corn chips – you know, at first you think maybe it was something you had stuck in your teeth. But then the crunchy bit burns because it’s actually come kind of condensed cinnamon flavor. It’s not just gum, it’s a whole bloody adventure!

Speaking of gum, I was having a flashback to trick-or-treating when I was a kid. Back then my parent’s house had a “mud room” and that’s where mom set up the Halloween candy. (Is mud room a regional thing? I don’t even know anyone else who has one, to be honest. It’s a room before you got into the main house, unheated, where you could keep coats and shoes, etc. At my house it was the room we kids could play in without fear we’d mess something up.)

Anyway, I was thinking about how much I loved getting Beechies when Trick-or-Treating. Beechies were the little boxes of two pieces of gum. I assume they were competing with Chiclets, as they were the same size and shape. But Beechies had non-fruit flavors, like spearmint and Pepsin (whatever THAT is). Now every once in a while you find Beechies, but they don’t have the flavors I like. And if Junior just HAPPENS to get a little box, I’ll just bet you it’s peppermint. It makes me sad. Beechies Pepsin is the definitive Halloween candy for me.


Doing a Happy Dance

Just saw that

Albert Finney’s Scrooge is FINALLY OUT ON DVD!
Finally! Sheesh, do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this? Since I got my first DVD player, that’s how long.

My friend Tim, he of the massive Christmas Carol collection, will explain over and over why other versions are better, but this version just has a special place of honor in my home and in my heart. I’m going to order it this very instant. Oh, and yes, I realize it’s time to update the Xmas Music page with this year’s picks. I swear, I will do it asap.


Updated the template

Okay, I just updated the template on my NaNoWriMo page. It has a lovely fall feel, I think.

What I’m currently listening to:

Okay, don’t laugh. I said don’t.

I bought a new CD over the weekend. Mannheim Steamroller Halloween. I said don’t laugh. It’s a 2-cd set, one is sound effects, but the other is a collection of classic and original creepy tunes. Toccata in De Mole, Funeral March of a Marionette (better know as the Alfred Hitchcock theme), Night on Bald Mountain, Ride of the Valkyries, and more. Very very cool. Very Mannheim Steamroller, in places, but I’m okay with that.


Sucking them In!

I got another one hooked – Andrea, who now has a Nanoblog that looks amazingly like mine (interesting choice of a template!) is going to participate in NaNoWriMo. So is Mr. Dump (or so he says). Anyone else out there going to give it a shot after seeing me do it for the past two years?

Friday at midnight, baby!


Donating Our Rain to California

I wish I could send our predicted 2-3 inches of rain out to California tonight. The San Diego fires are only about 3 miles from my father-in-law’s house, so I’m especially concerned about those. Actually, the whole thing is so horrifying to me – I can’t quite grasp how huge these fires are, how many acres they are consuming.

So no-wind, lots of rain vibes headed to the west coast today…