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What if I Missed My Chance?

I was listening to local radio station WXLO this morning, when they announced caller 10 would be qualified for this contest where they are giving away a car. That’s pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind a new car. Of course, I couldn’t get through, I never actually get through.

That made me think – what was the last thing I won from a radio station? Stuff from WCCC when I was in college? Probably. But what if I sealed my fate back then when I won tickets to see Yentl and didn’t go? What if the cosmic prize patrol said “You know, we arranged for those Yentl tickets as a test. You won them and received them, and never went. *flash of light* You are now ineligible to win any more radio contests.

That would stink. I don’t want the rest of my life to be stuck prize-less just because Barbra Streisand made a movie that could be used to torture Osama, should he be captured alive.


On a different subject, I thought I was hallucinating this morning. When I wake up, I look North-west out one of the windows (closest to the bed) to just see how light it is, etc. I leave the shade up high enough that I can see the treetops, sky, and a little bit of the roof of one house down the street. This morning when I looked out I saw…light pink stripes. I actually rubbed my eyes like they do in cartoons. The stripes, while light were well-defined and straight – there were three of them. After about 30 seconds, I realized they were actually clouds, and over the next few minutes they turned that hot pink color. But I seriously thought there was something wrong with me when the first thing I saw was a pink-striped sky. “Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning”