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Well That’s Odd

The corporate homepage here at work carries some Reuters headlines – you get to customize which ones you want included in your default view, and I have three of them selected. During the day I peek at the page just too see what the headlines are. Just now I saw two listed on the Entertainment feed – don’t you just hate when your drafts go out to the universe?

Here is what it says now:

Bright, Sunny, Spring Seen on NY Catwalks

But here is what it said 30 minutes earlier:

Bright, Sunny, Jobless Spring Seen on NY Catwalks [my emphasis]

I finally read the article to see if the original was just a mistake, and halfway down the article it says the shows don’t include many interview outfits. Really? Any time I’ve seen any pictures from a fashion show, I’ve NEVER seen anything I would wear to an interview – unless it was with Mr. Barnum or Mr. Bailey.