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Update: The Curse of Babs

How could I forget to tell you! I think talking about it here broke the Yentl curse! Seriously, this weekend at the Johnny Appleseed festival (or “festibull” as Junior insists it is pronounced) I got an entry into a raffle because I filled out a Cultural Commission Survey. You got your choice of three items to take a chance on (like a Chinese auction) and I picked the cookie bouquet because it was one from the Cookies by Design place that I love. I was raving to Gary, the guy working the book (who went to high school with me) about these cookies, so he was laughing last night when he left a message on my phone that I’d won. And he swears it wasn’t fixed. So he dropped the bouquet (all apple-y stuff about the festival) the morning and I took it to my sisters where it didn’t last long. Man, those are some GOOD cookies.

So do I declare the Yentl curse over? Maybe I should have bought some scratch tickets…