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Teee voooooohhh!

[With a few minor Survivor Spoilers]

A million or two years ago, I first learned about a little thing called a TiVo. I heard about it from a technologically-advanced friend on a mailing list, and he told me about a beta testing program directive was running. So I jumped in. See, I was having issues. My wonderful child’s bedtime was getting in the way of Survivor, I believe season 2 (although possibly season 1). His bedtime was just smack-dab in the middle of it, and because we only had a VCR, we could set it to tape but then we’d have to wait until 9:00 to watch the whole thing – any peeking prior to 9 and you could find out who got snuffed and ruin the whole episode.

TiVo solved the bedtime dilemma – set the thing to record the show, and whenever we got done with bedtime (nigh-nights, book, cuddles, etc.) we could just start watching it from the beginning, even if it was only 8:10pm!!

Since those days, I have cut down on my television viewing to maybe two grown-up shows a week. I just don’t have time, and the shows I’m watching I don’t want to watch with him or can’t. But last night my brother-in-law called to say they were re-running the 1st episode of the new survivor (I haven’t watched since the 3rd one) and I fell in love with the show all over again. I love the direction they took – make it more like real survival. Hey, if you chose to wear a Scoutmaster uniform, well then by golly you’re going to be wearing that thing for 40 days. As if you were REALLY STRANDED SOMEWHERE. I liked the buying supplies thing too. That’s when smarts pay off, not because the producers decided to supply you with four tons of rice. You want to trade your necklace for a big old chicken barbecue, I want to offer you my heartiest “well, done, I hope you win, honey” cause that was brilliant.

Drake Tribe, if you don’t win I will personally come and beat each and every one of you with my own little version of the immunity idol.