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Speaking of Romance Novel Barbie

We went to the library last night (the Ritter Memorial, but it’s not for John Ritter even if he did do the voice of Clifford the Big Red Dog) and I grabbed two paperbacks off the rack. One of them, and I won’t name it because I don’t want to give the mistaken impression that others should find the book in an effort to emulate me, is bad. Really bad. I glanced at the blurbs last night when I opened the book and I immediately thought “OH NO!” Yes, I picked out a book that has been praised by non other than the AOL Writers Club Romance Group. Oh no.

I decided to start reading anyway. The plot? A mom fakes heart trouble to force one of her three kids to settle down and give her a grandchild. And the kids fall for it and when I just stopped reading they were tossing a coin to figure out who was going to give up his life for the whim of their lying sack of poop mother. Great, huh?