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Packing it in the for the Night

Okay, today was more of a slack-off day. Spent some time with my parents, picked apples (yecch…the good ones aren’t out for another week or two. I prefer either Macoun or Cortland, quite frankly) and had a burger at the little barbecue they were having. It was just nice to tramp around out in the fields without a ton of other people.

Then we came home and I spent over an hour breaking down boxes from my cleaning because tomorrow is recycling day. The guys who pick up my stuff are going to wonder if I celebrate Christmas in August, there is so much stuff out there.

So now we’re putting everything away for the night to go get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is…taa daa daa daa…the first day of kindergarten. I’m not “upset” or anything (although I reserve the right to shed a tear or two) but more stressed that I’m going to forget something. Ugh. So weird to send him off and not be there to “take care of things.” I mean, I don’t do that for him now, but it’s different, public school versus daycare I pay for where I can have certain expectations.

And I’m still sad that he has to go to daycare before and after kindergarten. I really do wish I was in a situation where I could just pick him up at noon and take him home with me. If wishes were horses, eh?