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No New Cows

Went to the Ferncol fair again this year, and no cows gave birth. We went down for the dairy barn tour anyway, and I asked about last year’s fair calf and our tour guide said THREE calves were born over the weekend last year! She said our cow would have been out in the field anyway, because she was a year old. Awwwww, our baby is getting so grown up!

We spent a minimum of money this year, which was NICE. I only bought $10 worth of ride tickets (which worked out to 5 rides). I handed him the tickets, told him he had to decide what he wanted to ride, and that would be it. I have no idea how one goes about finding the oldest, rattiest looking rides, but they had. I went on the ferris wheel with Junior and actually had the thought “This is going to be a stupid way to die” as the thing shimmied every time we passed the motor. Ugh.

He also didn’t beg to play games because there were only three, and one of them was a balloon popping game and he HATED how loud it was. So that was a nice perk.