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My Little Guy

For school, Junior had to work with us to create a little model of himself. You could be creative using materials found around the house (oh, okay, got lots of stuff around the house). He helped pick out colors and we cut the pants and the shirt, and he decorated the rest. Oh, he’s the one who thought of twine for the hair. I didn’t have any real glue so that’s why it’s got the brown in the hair – that’s holding the twine in place.

I love the feet – he put ankles on them! You’ll probably also notice the “smile”. Oh Lord, the things you want to say to your kids but you don’t because it’s part of the creative process. When he first did it, it didn’t have the upturned corners. It looked like the angriest kid ever. Frankenjunior. But he’d told me that it was a smile with the teeth showing, he added the upturned part to make sure it was clear that he was smiling. I love this little guy – I hope we get him back so we can put him in the memory book.

p.s. He added buttons to the shirt and fingers. Mr. Attention to Detail gave himself two on one hand and three on the other. My son is going to need remedial art classes.