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Mister Crunchy Says: I Choose You!

I read Chris’s reply to my maze post about his kids only taking left turns for the first ten minutes in the maze, and I was laughing so hard that Mr. Dump had me read the reply. I told him how much I enjoy Chris’s website, and clicked on the link over, and almost hurt myself reading the Mister Crunchy: I Choose You! article. Anyone who has ever had to suffer through an episode of Pokemon (or heaven forbid, one of the movies) will appreciate this. The whole show requires a suspension of disbelief that lately I just can’t handle. I have lost patience with cartoons that just expect me to say “Okay, that’s not how things happen in real life, but sure, I’ll assume that it can happen just so I won’t turn of the television.” This happened to me last night with Rugrats. Now I know that on a regular basis the plotlines expect you to just say “Ya, okay, whatever” [See: Rugrats in Paris – we need Stu to come fix the big Reptar robot, oh hell, sure, why don’t you take your family AND your neighbor’s families with you, on us. Let’s see, that’s plane tickets to Paris for 7 adults and 6 kids, and then first class accommodations. I hope you have Passports, you leave in the morning.”]

Last night’s Rugrats had all of the above plus two sets of grandparents, an extra wife and daughter (12 adults, 7 kids) hopping on a plane to an island on a whim. When they get there, there’s only one room available. Next thing you know the hotel is having a treasure hunt, and the prize is to be upgraded to the 5-bedroom Presidential suite. Oh, okay. The hotel has a 5 bedroom suite that they’re handing out to the winner, even if it’s just some guy there alone. *sigh* I’m such an adult. Or maybe the writer in me thinks they need to try harder if parents have to watch these shows with their kids. Anyway, go read “I Choose You!” You’ll thank me later.