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Dope Slap Sunday

Thanks to Ross from Localfeeds I may have that not showing up problem licked. No more excuses to feel bad for myself, eh? Well, of course I have plenty of those.

I was struck this afternoon/evening about how I have no friends. No, wait, don’t be posting stuff in the comments about how loved I am…I mean real life people who would call me up and say “dudette, I’m making chicken lo mein, bring a fork” or whatever. We won’t even go into the whole lack of a real social life. I just don’t have people to do things with, other than my son. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s fun, but I think the two of us spending a couple of hours at my office this afternoon was his idea of fun either.

Anyway, instead of just eating whatever Junior is having (pasta pasta pasta) I made myself a cool dinner that *I* wanted. It was amazing, actually. I made Chicken a la Aunt Barbara (chicken thighs sauteed with green peppers in a little grapeseed oil, salt and pepper. That’s it. You can use olive oil, I just prefer grapeseed), garden tomato and feta tossed in a touch of Ken’s Greek dressing, and a few of Junior’s medium shells with a smidge of butter on them. That’s it. And it was PERFECT. I think the secret is to start the chicken and peppers at the same time. Last time I threw them in about halfway through and there wasn’t much of the pepper flavor in the chicken. Tonight I had to force myself to not finish the whole package in one sitting. I can’t wait for dinner tomorrow!