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Doing Fine, Thank You

Really, I’m doing very well. I didn’t even cry this morning. I mean, I teared up a bit as he walked up to the door of the bus, but I stood steady with the video camera, and he never even turned and looked back. Luckily he chose a seat on the side of the bus where I was standing, so I did get to videotape him through the window.

My only regret is that I couldn’t videotape and take pictures, because I’d love the one of him sitting in the window. But you have to make your choices, and I thought video was better for today.

My big boy, riding the school bus! Right now they’re finishing up the day. The busses pick them up in about 20 minutes or so. If it wasn’t raining, they’d be playing outside while waiting for the bus. I can’t wait to hear all about his day!