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7th Inning Stretch

Went to the Sox game last night – sat in section 29, which was okay, better than a lot of seats I’ve had at Fenway, but worse than some as well. Where I really wanted to sit was the green monster. I hope they never make those season ticket seats, because I like thinking that different people get the opportunity to sit there all season long. I want to have a chance, someday.

We had to leave before the game ended, because my mom and dad were babysitting and I needed to relieve them at a fairly decent hour. So we left, secure with a 5-2 lead. Then panicked that our leaving was the cause of the game going to 6-5 before they settled down and won 7-5. Sheesh, okay, next time I won’t leave early. But it’s tough for someone out where we live to attend a game during the week. If we’d stayed till the game ended we wouldn’t have gotten home until after midnight.

So there you go, another win for the boys, another day closer to the Wildcard spot. Can you just taste it?