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What Got Into Me?

Well, wasn’t I productive today? We got up, headed to the post office, then the grocery store. Then I washed all the floors, read some of my mail, then decided if I cleaned out the spare bedroom, I could move some of the toys up there. I’d rather them be upstairs than in the basement right now (I’m already heating the upstairs – last year I think my increased heating costs were related to junior playing with his computer down there).

So now I’m wiped, and I’m STILL waiting for people to call me back. I’m assuming that I’m not going to be doing any visiting with my family today, given that they’ve all disappeared off the face of the earth. Sheesh, you’d think they had their own lives or something.

p.s. The lawn in the back yard is mocking me. I won’t give in and mow it. I won’t.