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The Need for an Elph

Okay, I saw the camera of my dreams at Circuit City tonight. (From the back seat: “Are we going to the circus store?” “Huh?” “The circus store…that one over there!” “Oh, CIRCUIT, not circus.”)

It’s the 4 megapixel Elph, and it’s on sale for $475 in the store, and $450 on Amazon. Now that might now be much for some of you moneybags, but it’s pretty much out of range for me, given that some people would think I have a perfectly fine camera. I know I’m not completely happy with it, but I know you won’t listen to me. I mean, I am a web development professional here…it WOULD be a tax write-off. (Which I just realized and NOW I’m trying to figure out how to budget that puppy).

Anyway, if four hundred and seventy-five of you just send in a dollar each, I’ll create a page with all your names and I’ll dedicate my every waking moment for like three or four weeks to you. Seriously. So go off and organize yourselves, okay? Thanks.

And if you are looking for a digital camera and can’t afford the really cool $800 Sony, I’d look at this one. It’s smaller than a pack of smokes for goodness sakes. And you literally won’t believe the quality of the LCD screen. There. I’m done my sales pitch.