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Seems like as good a day as any to stuff a few topics in one entry. I’ll even get all formal and bullet them out for you.

  • School shopping – Well, what I got for me were a pair of pants, three shirts and two funky clearance bracelets. Oh, and two pair of socks. At Target I got myself some paperclips in shades of blue and purple – just the ones that I normally pick out when forced to have some that include my non-favorite colors. And a lunch bag, because when I took my lunch to work two weeks ago my lunch bag had Junior’s name on it because, well, it was his from pre-school.
  • Less than a month until school starts. I think he’s getting excited because every day he asks how many more days until school starts. We’ll beat that out of him by second grade, eh?
  • Josh Groban was amazing. I know some people turn up their nose, but I’m assuming they’re lumping him in with Yanni etc. because PBS overplays his special. They always do that. I can safely say that hearing him live gave me goosebumps, and I went into this not even knowing who he was.
  • I have converted two more people into Allouette Artichoke and Spinach cheese spread addicts. I will eventually take over the world.
  • Can everyone sing “Rain Rain Go Away” as a group for this weekend? I don’t want to be stuck in a hotel, regardless of how much space we have, for three days with three kids. We need to go to Storyland, dammed!
  • I refuse to feel bad about telling the Bertucci’s manager that our waitress could use an attitude adjustment. I understand that there could be issues in her personal life of which I am unaware. The problem is, I don’t want to be made to feel that I am putting you out by wanting to place an order for food. Don’t leave us sitting for 10 minutes wondering if anyone is assigned to our table. Don’t forget to ask us if we want something to drink after we order our food, just because we said we were ready to order our meals when you finally showed up. If you have a problem with being assigned our table, give us to someone who is happy to be at work. If I acted like that at work don’t you think I’d suddenly have a one-on-one with my boss? Mom thought I was horrible for saying something to the manager, but she’s usually the first person to do that, so I’m actually surprised.
  • Still tired. This Diet Pepsi isn’t cutting it.