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Snacky Snack?

I’m in a hungry kind of mood. I hate that. Actually, I’m taking a first aid class from 6 to 10pm so I figure anything I eat now will count toward my food requirement for getting through the evening. What the hell was I thinking? And it’s 6 to 10 again on Thursday! I hope to heaven there’s a chance that we’ll get out of there early. I mean, I’m just not used to sitting in a class for that long. What if I get those blood clots like you get from sitting long periods of time? Someone will have to do first aid on me!

I also was turned away from trying to donate blood today. I’m bummed. I was just a little too anemic for them. Actually, he said my numbers weren’t low enough to qualify for anemic, but they were low enough that I couldn’t donate. Boogers. I need to be better about my multi-vitamin, and maybe I’ll treat myself to some red meat more often. Maybe a little more spinach and green beans and I can make another try next time they’re here. They come at least once every two months.

I used to be fairly anemic years ago, but I thought I’d gotten it under control. Well, at least I tried to donate, right?