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What Got Into Me?

Well, wasn’t I productive today? We got up, headed to the post office, then the grocery store. Then I washed all the floors, read some of my mail, then decided if I cleaned out the spare bedroom, I could move some of the toys up there. I’d rather them be upstairs than in the basement right now (I’m already heating the upstairs – last year I think my increased heating costs were related to junior playing with his computer down there).

So now I’m wiped, and I’m STILL waiting for people to call me back. I’m assuming that I’m not going to be doing any visiting with my family today, given that they’ve all disappeared off the face of the earth. Sheesh, you’d think they had their own lives or something.

p.s. The lawn in the back yard is mocking me. I won’t give in and mow it. I won’t.

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3 Daze

No, I don’t have special plans, thanks for asking. Again. And again. Listen people, how exciting do you think my life is? I took Wednesday off to go to an amusement park, isn’t that enough? You can’t get blood from a stone, and you can’t get wads of cash from my bank account.

Okay, kidding, but geez, at least 5 people have asked me that today.

“No, I’m a big loser. I have a week’s worth of laundry to wash because I’ve been gone almost every night this week learning how to bandage around embedded objects. Oh, and if you get a pencil in your eye, even though I know how to stabilize it, don’t bother asking me to because I’m just going to block my ears, close my eyes and sing “la la la I can’t hear you”. Gah. The 3rd degree burn portion of the Red Cross video was meant to give major nightmares. People, please…if you are working the fry machine, just do us all a favor and keep your arms out of it. Thanks.

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In Retrospect…

I think the temporary tattoo I bought yesterday is too big. Actually, the one I’d picked out was little, but the guy could only find the big one in all the drawers, so I said fine. It’s a lovely moon, sort of astrologically in nature, even though I’m not into that stuff very much. It just seemed better than the Chinese character for “anger” or “lunch”.

Junior got Spongebob and wanted it on his hand. If we all thought like kids, we’d only have tattoos on the backs of our hands. Do they ever put them anywhere else without prodding from an adult?

I got mine above my ankle, cause that’s where all the cool girls get theirs. Actually, I look at it as paying $4 to have some guy hold my leg and rub lightly. It was almost a date!

So this thing should last 2 weeks if you don’t do anything. From experience, I expect it to look decent for a day or so more. But it’s bigger than I feel comfortable wearing out in public in places that are not amusement parks, you know?

When I get home I’ll take a picture of it with the digital camera for all of you. And then I’ll rake in the hits from the foot fetishists looking for the words “ankle tattoo” and “man holding leg”