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Month: August, 2003

Elvis is my Chao

You all have a Chao, right? You do play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the GameCube. There are all these adventure levels, and then there is the Chao Garden portion of the game where you raise these little creatures. Sure, you’re supposed to be raising them to race against other Chao, or to do Karate, but really, we’re just raising them because it’s fun. So Junior has about 8 of them running around in the three gardens, one of them we made evil and named Satan, but Elvis is mine. Whenever I play the regular game and get robot parts or small animals, I give them all to Elvis. He recently learned to swim when I gave him a dolphin. Satan already knew how to swim, but I just can’t claim the little evil one as my own.

For the record, we apparently also raised a neutral one. I thought they either ended up heroes (with a halo to show they are good) or dark (with a kind of a spiky circle) but this one was started off dark and then we changed our minds and were nice to it. But I guess it wasn’t enough because after he transformed he….was neither. So that’s cool.

And most of you didn’t understand a word of what I said. But if you did, drop me a line. We want to finished the 3rd section of the 1st level (find the missing chao) but the only one of our characters that has mystic melody is the girl, and she doesn’t play the first level. Can you give something like that to another character?


A Little To the Right..Thanks.

Hey, it’s not like I wasn’t trying. Full day of work, pick up the kid, make dinner, play a little, go out to mow the lawn before it gets dark (and don’t be mistaken, it gets dark way earlier than I want it to, damn it).

That’s cool, I’m mowing. I’m even mowing in straight lines. Life is good. But ahead, I see a sprinkler head start up, right near the property line. No problem, it’s not windy. So I’m mowing…mowing…and the water is actually shooting over onto my lawn. Which is kind of cool because hey, I wasn’t watering it. If she wants to pay to automatically water my lawn for me, I’m not going to complain. Unless I’m standing there trying to mow the lawn. You see, I have an electric mower, which by definition is less powerful than the gas versions. So not only is there a big label that says not to use it in the rain, I know for a fact there’s no way my mulching efforts are going to work on grass that was already pushing the limits on length for mulching, but is now wet. Yea.

I cannot leave the lawn half done so like an idiot, I just keep walking in and out of the lightly falling water. Cause I’m a mowing fool.


Pier 1 imports Products

Here are links to the new bookshelf and the end table (one door cabinet).

The cabinet matchs a desk they have, the only problem being that I think it’s half an inch too big for the space where I intend to put a desk. This is unfortunate because the style of the desk would go great with how I’m picturing the eventual redecoration of the whole room – pale yellow with pale green and white accents.

Unfortunately, it won’t be a case of letting it overhang something – I’m planning to put the desk in the alcove space where the window is on the cape, so there are actual walls on both sides. So no, it’s not very flexible unless I want to trim off part of the desk.


I Give This Day Two Thumbs Up

77 to 80 degrees, nice breeze, blue sky, a few puffy clouds, found two shirts, a bookcase, a bedside table and groceries. Towels are in the machine, we just came back from a walk/bikeride (he rode, I walked, duh) and I should do the lawn but I’m going to put that off. Sure I have a hellish week ahead of me at work, but today, it’s allllllll good.

Okay, he wants to go for more walk/bikeride. I think we can do that.


Can’t It Be For a Different Reason?

As much as I enjoy seeing Yahoo! Leominster make the news, I’d rather it not be attached to a story titled “Pedophile Ex-Priest Killed in Prison.”

No, really. I don’t care if it is the number one story on both the Reuters and AP feeds on Yahoo right now. I’d prefer it to be because we got the nod for the 2020 Olympics. Cause, you know, we’re gonna put a ballpark on top of the old landfill, so it could happen. But no…we make the news from plane crashes and dead pedophiles. I think maybe it’s time for the locals to band together and try to make the world’s biggest vat of applesauce, cause you know, Johnny Appleseed was born here. Or maybe we can get one of the local kids to win the National Spelling Bee. Gotta get to work on that, people.


Davezilla Rocks My World

Love his site, but especially love when he picks on Jakob Nielsen. This week we cover the (Jakob) Nielsen Ratings, which includes a review of my current favorite show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy


Ripped from the Headlines: Fox Bid to Block Franken Book Rejected

Dear Fox News:

Are you on crack? Not only do you file a stupid suit that states people will trick consumers into believing you’re somehow behind this book (gee, thanks for giving us so much credit), but you use the suit to personally attack Franken? ARE YOU INSANE? Any small amount of credibility you were gaining has now been flushed down the toiled, just like your suit.


Stupid! Stupid stupid!

My ISP is finally filtering out all the viruses from the emails coming in to their server (I could tell because all those emails now have “{virus?} appended to the front of the subject, which wasn’t there yesterday)

So the mail gets in your box. What does it say?


Warning: This message has had one or more attachments removed

Warning: (your_details.pif).

Warning: Please read the “VirusWarning.txt” attachment(s) for more information.

Please see the attached file for details.



It’s a stupid text file, so why not just put it in the body of the email? GOD that’s annoying! We’re trying to train people not to open attachments and this is your plan? GRRRRR


Mountains of Hair

Update: She either wasn’t there when I picked him up, or he really didn’t recognize her today. The teacher was as tickled as I was, and she really wanted to know who it was. She apparently thinks he’s the nicest kid to ever walk the planet, which is just the perfect thing to say to a mom. I mean, there’s nothing else that I want to hear.

Anyway, he expanded on the hair thing a little: “It looked like a sand castle”. If I had the time, I’d Photoshop a little something and ask “is this her?” but alas, I don’t have the time or the software.

I’m going to back off asking about this girlfriend cause he has already starting acting self-conscious about it, and I don’t want him to not tell me stuff like this anymore.

p.s. Anyone else picturing the old lady with the big blue beehive hairdo in Better Off Dead? (It was that movie, wasn’t it? She was driving really slowly? I keep thinking it was either that or Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.)


Lookout, Julia

I know it’s been a while since I’ve talked about my invisible daughter-in-law Julia, but she does come up every once in a while. About two weeks ago Junior mentioned something about Julia and Jim (Jim is his invisible buddy, I’m not sure if he lives with us or not), but since then nothing.

Yesterday when he got home from his new child care center, aside from gushing that it was the greatest place in the universe, he casually mentioned that he had a new girlfriend. I’m loving and supportive, and trying hard not to be the jealous psycho mom you see in TV movies, so I don’t tell him he’s too young. I don’t even tell him that because he’s already married to Julia he can’t actually have a girlfriend. I just ask what her name is.

“I don’t know. But she wears an orange shirt.”

“Well honey, what if she isn’t wearing that shirt tomorrow?”

“She has a mountain of hair.”

Oh good gravy, it’s so hard to keep a straight face sometime. Don’t you just want to eat him up? Miss Mountain-of-Hair is a very lucky young lady.