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Learning Italian

I know you’re thinking “enough already with the Josh Groban” but humor me a moment.

I was listening to his CD in the car, actually replaying my two favorite cuts, “Alla Luce del Sole” and “You’re Still You” and I realized I’m feeling very frustrated at not knowing Italian so I can sing along with the non-English cuts on the CD. I sort of fake it but then I’m afraid I’ll learn it wrong and someone who knows italian will mock me for singing “I have two moon heads and it’s green in the laundry of my father.”

Back a million years ago when I went to France for 3 weeks, I bought a cassette and Magali, the girl hosting me, wrote the lyrics for three of the songs. Now granted I’d been taking french since junior high so it was fairly easy for me to learn the song using the lyrics, and I might have even figured it out on my own eventually, but it just made the tape so much better when I could sing along.

Alla luce del sole, anyone?