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Honey, We’re Home

Ugh, what a humid, sticky mess it was up in the mountains. It always surprises me how hot and humid they can be…somehow I just think of them as being cooler. Two nights away is not enough…we were barely unpacked and it was time to load back up. We got rained on at Storyland yesterday but it was SO hot that it actually felt fantastic. I’d never been to an amusement park that advertised that they stayed open if it rained – I think only a severe lightening storm was a problem.

Today was spent at Attitash doing the Alpine Slide and the water slide. I feel that we kind of got sucked in to buying an all-day pass because they told us that early in the day we could get 2-3 runs an hour on the Alpine Slide. I can tell you personally that we stood in line in the heat and 93% humidity for about an HOUR to get our first run. I was disgusted, but there was no way Junior was getting out of that line. He thought it was great (he went by himself!) but we had to tell him that no way were we going to go for a second run.

I didn’t go on the water slide (just didn’t interest me today, especially when I know what I look like in a suit compared to every other woman there…) so we had to sit in the sun waiting for all the boys to get in 6 or 7 runs on that. I was SO ready to get in an air conditioned car, I can tell you that.

So now we’re home and it’s still rainy and gross – got in a downpour on the way to my sister’s house, then I got in one on the way home from her house. Geez, I’m hoping the humidity drops in my lifetime. I’m looking forward to being in the AC at work all day tomorrow after this weekend, that’s for sure!

p.s. Stopped at Clark’s Trading Post on the way up. I think $10 is a pretty good deal for that place, given that it includes a 2 mile train ride, bumper boats, rock climbing and other stuff all free all day. After going to Disney this spring, we were in that “rip off” mode and I was actually stunned at how reasonable the prices for food and souvenirs were. Oh, and I think Jr. wants to be a Russian acrobat when he grows up.

p.p.s. There’s an exchange program with “Russian” countries and Storyland so all the ride operators spoke with awesome eastern European accents. A lot of them were from Slovenia (it was on their name tags). My favorite (and often repeated) line this weekend was from the lovely gentleman running the tractor ride. He sat Jr. up front and I climbed in back. He pointed to a little yellow button, leaned in, and said “Your button….does not work” with that excellent accent, which made it feel like he was a James Bond bad guy. Made my whole day.