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Elvis is my Chao

You all have a Chao, right? You do play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the GameCube. There are all these adventure levels, and then there is the Chao Garden portion of the game where you raise these little creatures. Sure, you’re supposed to be raising them to race against other Chao, or to do Karate, but really, we’re just raising them because it’s fun. So Junior has about 8 of them running around in the three gardens, one of them we made evil and named Satan, but Elvis is mine. Whenever I play the regular game and get robot parts or small animals, I give them all to Elvis. He recently learned to swim when I gave him a dolphin. Satan already knew how to swim, but I just can’t claim the little evil one as my own.

For the record, we apparently also raised a neutral one. I thought they either ended up heroes (with a halo to show they are good) or dark (with a kind of a spiky circle) but this one was started off dark and then we changed our minds and were nice to it. But I guess it wasn’t enough because after he transformed he….was neither. So that’s cool.

And most of you didn’t understand a word of what I said. But if you did, drop me a line. We want to finished the 3rd section of the 1st level (find the missing chao) but the only one of our characters that has mystic melody is the girl, and she doesn’t play the first level. Can you give something like that to another character?