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Can’t It Be For a Different Reason?

As much as I enjoy seeing Yahoo! Leominster make the news, I’d rather it not be attached to a story titled “Pedophile Ex-Priest Killed in Prison.”

No, really. I don’t care if it is the number one story on both the Reuters and AP feeds on Yahoo right now. I’d prefer it to be because we got the nod for the 2020 Olympics. Cause, you know, we’re gonna put a ballpark on top of the old landfill, so it could happen. But no…we make the news from plane crashes and dead pedophiles. I think maybe it’s time for the locals to band together and try to make the world’s biggest vat of applesauce, cause you know, Johnny Appleseed was born here. Or maybe we can get one of the local kids to win the National Spelling Bee. Gotta get to work on that, people.