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Before and After We Don’t Care

Oh man, today was “deal with the fact that the school won’t be offering before/after child care when Junior starts Kindergarten in 4 weeks. Fine time to find out, I’d already given notice with his regular caregiver because I’d been led to believe they were offering something. I called them because I was concerned that we hadn’t heard from them, and luckily got to talk to the principal of the school. She was very nice, thank God, because as a parent facing public schools for the first time, I’m already freaked out. To learn that I had to find a place for him to be not only before but AFTER put me over the edge.

Because I got in touch so early, she pre-approved him moving from afternoon to morning session, which was very cool. She also told me about a couple of childcare centers where Leominster busses would actually take him to and from along with all the other kindergarteners there. Mr. Dump got us an appointment with the director for tonight and we all went down there to meet each other. I really like the place, and Junior is totally pissed that he doesn’t get to start tomorrow so I guess he likes it too.

So something that started out horrible is actually going to be very good for me. The place is actually on my way to and from work, instead of being across town the way his is now. I am pretty sure I can get there from work in 30 minutes if there’s nothing funky going on traffic-wise, which means I can pretty much pick him up every day without having to leave work way early!

Can you tell I’m happy? Now I just have to notify the school that the bus will have to pick him up there instead of here so they can make the adjustment, and then they can tell me if it’s morning or afternoon session (all kids from there will go to the same session). Oh, and fill out the 400 forms to enroll him.

Now I can relax for the first time today.