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A Little To the Right..Thanks.

Hey, it’s not like I wasn’t trying. Full day of work, pick up the kid, make dinner, play a little, go out to mow the lawn before it gets dark (and don’t be mistaken, it gets dark way earlier than I want it to, damn it).

That’s cool, I’m mowing. I’m even mowing in straight lines. Life is good. But ahead, I see a sprinkler head start up, right near the property line. No problem, it’s not windy. So I’m mowing…mowing…and the water is actually shooting over onto my lawn. Which is kind of cool because hey, I wasn’t watering it. If she wants to pay to automatically water my lawn for me, I’m not going to complain. Unless I’m standing there trying to mow the lawn. You see, I have an electric mower, which by definition is less powerful than the gas versions. So not only is there a big label that says not to use it in the rain, I know for a fact there’s no way my mulching efforts are going to work on grass that was already pushing the limits on length for mulching, but is now wet. Yea.

I cannot leave the lawn half done so like an idiot, I just keep walking in and out of the lightly falling water. Cause I’m a mowing fool.