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What I’m Reading

Okay, I finished the book I was re-reading, and tonight when I took Junior to Barnes and Noble I picked up Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything for almost half off the cover price. WOOO! Of course, I had to buy Junior like five books, cause that’s what you do, of course. Not five for me, noooooo.

Hey, and here’s my complaint. They have a summer reading program – if your child reads 8 books, writes down what they liked best and you sign off that they read the book, they get a free book (from a list of 25). My issue? It’s for grades 1-6. So Junior, who is actually in the early stages of learning to read and probably has the skills of a first-grader, can’t participate. I think that stinks. Will fill out the form anyway, and if they say he doesn’t qualify, *I* will buy him a book. Sheesh.