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Stupid Stupid Product “Upgrade”

Someone please, please tell me why on earth cereal companies feel the need to do something “new” with their perfectly fine products? Lucky Charms used to have yellow moons, pink hearts, orange stars and green clover. Then they added blue diamonds. “Oooh, mom, blue diamonds! We have to have blue diamonds!” And other assorted marshmallow bits were added. Rainbows. Pots of gold. One recent one had the middle disappear when milk hit it in the shape of a key. No, don’t ask how I know this.

But I just saw a commercial for one that just takes this too far. Apple Jacks, which remained untouched since I was born (it was my favorite commercial as a baby. Swear to God, my mother tells how I would RUN toward the television in my walker when I heard the Apple Jacks commercial) just added…are you ready? Blue carrots. Wha? Huh? Blue Apple-Jack flavored carrots. Not only is there no point to this, it just makes me angry. That’s right, I’m angry about this. Because they’re messing with a classic, and what if people decide it’s too gross to try and Apple Jacks just go away? Do you see my issue with this?

Stop with the marshmallow pieces, the odd shapes, etc. The ratio of cereal to bits should be at LEAST 3:1. Any more bits than that and you feel like you had candy for breakfast. I actually prefer at 5:1 or so ratio. But maybe I’m not the target audience for Pokemon cereal.