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Okay, I’m writing to you from the secret lair. Well, you know, the part of the lair that has air conditioning. Junior and I took a run to a nearby ice cream place and I got a frappe and he got some funky banana flavored Icee-type drink. Gah. He doesn’t like ice cream so I go to this place because at least I can order something for him. Last time we went he got blueberry. I think the banana is better, but not by much. It’s just really not a flavor I would pick, but neither are half the flavors they have there. Kiwi? Chocolate? (Oh, ya, sign me up for a chocolate-flavored shaved-ice drink. Ya. Make it two.) I’m sure some flavors go faster than others (grape and cherry come to mind) but yeesh. 32 flavors? No thanks.

Spent all day yesterday out in the sun, and all day today in the sun, and I’ve have about enough of sweating right now. Today was worse, heat and humidity-wise. Of course yesterday I had no shame and I put on my bathing suit and got into the blow-up pool (103″x 69″ or something like that) with my son, nephew and niece. So maybe I just felt cooler. When I finally decided to dry off for good, my niece, who has me wrapped around several fingers, kept saying “Auntie! Auntie come in dee pool!” and when I told her I was all done being in the pool she just said “Okay, three minutes.” I love that kid.

Okay, so anyway, today the pool was smaller and at my moms, and I didn’t really want to climb in while my mother’s neighbors were all around, so I left it for Junior and the neighbor’s two grandsons. We came home around 4 and I forced us to go for a quick lie-down. And here we are, staring into the gaping maw of another Saturday night. If it wasn’t rated PG-13 I’d take Junior over to the Tri-Town drive-in for the 8:30 showing of the Italian Job. (T3 is on at 10:30 but neither of us would stay up for that.)

Anyway, off to turn off the sprinkler. Gotta start thinking the cool thoughts for tomorrow.