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See now today’s lunch made up for the fact that I totally hated my lunch on Tuesday. Yesterday was fine – it was just egg salad on a bulkie. That’s hard to screw up unless the eggs and/or the mayo are bad. But I’m here to tell you they weren’t. But today…today I had a hummus and roasted veggie wrap.

I practically licked the plate clean, which was pointless because really, it was a sandwich. Not much to lick. My only suggestion to the lunch crew is to double up on the hummus. In fact, howzabout an all-hummus sandwich and you can just wave some veggie matter over the sandwich before you hand it to me. I do love me some hummus.

Tuesday’s lunch was a ranch chicken wrap. I didn’t even finish it. I thought it would have the same flavor as when I put chicken on my salad and use ranch dressing – that tastes like it would make a dandy sandwich. But I think they use some other brand of dressing, or something. I couldn’t eat it, which made me sad.

I’m not going to think ahead to tomorrow, but I plan to sneak a peek to see if the deli area normally has hummus. I think the roasted veggies were the limited edition ingredient. Maybe I’ll just have them throw some tomatoes on it. Sound good?