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Hey, that last post was to show Erica, new fan of the dump who happened to be at the party in question, how I could post to my website from my phone. Problem is that where my aunt lives she doesn’t get a phone signal so while I created the message in front of her, I couldn’t send it until I was driving home. But it still came from the phone…

I am partied out. 12 to 4 was a birthday party for a 5 year old who lives a couple of houses away, and then 4 to 8:30 was like a little family reunion at my aunt’s. Junior is definitely partied out. Well, I am partied out. He had nice friends to play with at both places, at the end of the 2nd partiy he was definitely hanging out with kids older than him. He loves kids and got REALLY upset when they were all leaving him. Once again I feel bad that he’s an only child.

So I’m just going to finish this, find my new People magazine, and put my feet up. If you were expecting to hear from me (i.e. sent an email) I’m just not going to get to it until tomorrow.