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Here, Have a Seat

Cripes, I invited all of you to stop by and I didn’t even dust off a seat for you. I’m just the worst hostess ever. It’s 3:00 and Lord knows I’ve probably missed most of you, and you know you won’t be back until I send another reminder. Now I’m sad.

But it’s one of those days, you see. Too many things to do, not enough hours to do them. Throw in some system problems and voila, I think maybe I should just go to the mall for a while.

But wait, payday isn’t until Friday. Scratch the mall. *sigh* The library books are 2 days late, too. See how it’s all falling apart? But at least I have some tortilla chips in the snack cabinet. Except the snack cabinet is actually the top of the fridge. But you get my point.