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Okay, the combos are GONE. So about 2pm today, I’ll have a cup of tea and some Milanos (if I’m in the mood for them, of course. I won’t eat them just to eat them. I may buy them either way just so someone else doesn’t snag them. I’m selfish that way.)

I also painted my fingernails last night and if I do say so myself, they look fabulous. That should last until this evening, I’m sure. It’s on the mauve end of red. Like a dark salmon (is that a color?) I don’t usually use colors this “dark” because my nails are usually too short and I don’t think it looks good to have a lot of color on short nails. But they’ve grown out some and the peeling nail syndrome (thanks thyroid!) has eased off enough that most of the nails are looking pretty healthy. More than you wanted to know, I’m sure. But if you have brittle peeling nails, have your thyroid levels checked. Advice from one who knows.