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Banned From the Basement

When I heard the story on the radio this morning about the two sisters banned for life from shopping at Filene’s basement for excessive returns and harassing the employees, I kind of had to laugh. The first thing I thought of was my mom, and how much stuff she returns to the LL Bean outlet in Nashua. Anything you buy via the catalog (or website) can be returned in person at their Nashua outlet. My mom practically lives there. To be fair, some things just don’t fit, or aren’t what you expected. Or if it falls apart the first time you wear it, you take it back.

So I was just wondering what the LL Bean people think when they see Mom coming, and if they’ll hear the Filene’s story and think of her. So I get an email from my sister this morning…saying “Did you hear about the two older women that were forbidden to ever shop at Filene’s Basement? It reminded me of Mom and all of her returns. I bet the manager at the LLBean outlet heard the story and already has Mom’s name on the list. ”

So it isn’t just me!

p.s. Two Filene’s Basement stories in the news? The CEO died over the weekend.

p.p.s. Ernie Boch, auto sales multimillionaire also died. I heard a Boch automile commercial on the radio last week and was shocked to hear that it was “Ernie Boch Jr.” and not Ernie giving the “Come on Down” pitch. Reminds me of how Frank Purdue handed over the commercials and died relatively soon after. I thought “Uh oh” when I realized it wasn’t Ernie.

p.p.p.s. The Blogger spellchecker flags Filene’s and suggests “vileness”. I’m just sayin’.