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Yes, How ‘Bout Them Red Sox!

As Bill so eloquently asked in the comments of the previous post (or “next” the way they appear on the website), “Hey! How about those Red Sox!” Here’s what the news wires had to say this morning. I don’t think my commentary would add anything, do you?

“Boston set a major-league record on Friday with 10 first-inning, no-out runs before the third Florida pitcher recorded an out. The Red Sox tied the AL record with 14 first-inning

runs in the 25-8 victory. Johnny Damon became the second-major leaguer in 120 years with a three-hit inning.”

Now why couldn’t we have had tickets to THIS game? Although man, it was a long one. By the time our game was over the other night, this one was only in the 5th inning. Ouch.

My favorite blog subject line on this topic so far is Two More Touchdowns, and They’re Back In This Thing