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What, No Do-Over?

Boy, it’s summer! Now why oh why couldn’t we have had this weather
over the weekend? I know I sound like a broken record, but sheesh, enough
already. If I’m not mistaken, Junior’s daycare provider has them all down at
the lake, building sand castles and maybe even paddling around in the water
a bit. She’s going to be amazed at how great he is in the water since last
summer – at his last swim lesson (which I missed because of work) he went
down to one bubble. He started with three, and had been two for a couple of
weeks. With one, there’s barely anything actually keeping him afloat, I
think it’s almost more psychological than anything. He learned that if he
doesn’t want to sink, he has to keep swimming, and swim fast. It’s odd, I
take it for granted that I know how to float and swim, but it’s all new to
them, and somehow the floating thing doesn’t come naturally.

I didn’t get the air conditioner in yesterday because it was raining so
hard. I hope I don’t regret that this week. I need to do that one and the
one in Junior’s room, which I can pretty much handle. I also need to get
some of that stuff to put around the AC to keep the bugs out. Fun!