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What Day Is This?

I think this is Friday, right? Okay, that’s a good sign. Just wanted to do a
mail post so you’d know I’m still alive. Allergies have turned into a sinus
infection (oh joy) so I’ve just not been able to spend ANY time on the
computer once I get home from work. I’m hoping to have some time this
weekend to catch up.

I had a biscotti for breakfast. It felt all decadent, really, when what
happened is I forgot to eat and by the time I got to the caf for the free
coffee, they had put all the breakfast foods (muffins, danish, etc.) away. I
just wanted something to hold me until lunch, really, so I went for the
almond biscotti. I should really eat those more often, as I’m a “dunker”
from way back. I love to dunk things in my coffee, or in milk. Biscotti is
one of the only foods specifically made for dunking. Well, that and a the
Dunkin type of Dunkin Donut, but I believe they discontinued those a few
months ago. Those were the ones with the little knob for holding on. If
you’re an employee of DD, could you suggest to upper management to bring
those back? Thanks.