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Well, that’s typical

I’m in the middle of my “dealing with it being the end of the weekend” blues. Except they aren’t really blues cause I don’t mind going to work tomorrow. I think I’m more annoyed that it’s absolutely POURING outside today, which, combined with yesterday’s drizzle, means this was a very gray weekend. And it’s going to be nice tomorrow, but that’s too late for me to hang out on the deck reading a trashy novel, now, isn’t it?

Actually, I just realized that I’d already read the trashy novel I started last week, so now I’m trying to decide if I should finish it, because obviously I didn’t remember much from the first time, or move on to something new. Tough call. I think maybe I’ll finish re-reading it. It’s not like I haven’t read things more than once before (Breakfast of Champions, anyone?)

I went to Filene’s and picked up three pairs of pants and a couple of tops, and that makes me feel pretty good. I want to get a few more, but this is a good start. AND, the ones I bought were another size down – which means the two I bought a month or two ago? Too big. I’m happy, but annoyed that I wasted the money.

So because it’s yucky, I’ll share a couple of pictures with you one of them is the first flower on my new clematis. The other is just a random shot from our May trip to Florida.


a flower