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Well THAT was fast!

Monday FLEW by. I can’t believe I’m already home again. I was productive, but I don’t feel like I got enough done to make up for the fact that this week is short a day. Also, some people I’m working with aren’t working a full week so I feel like I need to hurry to get info from them as quickly as possible. I am trying to get a little extra time in just because I won’t get paid for Friday unless I work. I worked 9 hours today. I want to get at least 35 hours in this week, if I can do it easily. Tonight I can’t do any work at home because it’s [supposed to be] Daily Probe night, although I don’t think I saw the files in my inbox. I have to do my bit and get them back to the site owner tonight because the site is supposed to be updated on Tuesdays. Of course, I can’t do anything until the editor gets the files to the proofer and she gets them to me. Fun, huh?

Okay, time for dinner…chinese food! I went crazy and got chicken chow mein, which I never order, even though I like it. I hope it’s good!