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Well, I’m disappointed

Lunch was definitely a “looks better than it was” experience today. I had
such high hopes, too. I got the deli special, tomato and mozzarella on
focaccia with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Oh, and one of them thar basil

It’s too early in the season (given our weather lately) to do a tomato
sandwich. And while the mozzarella looked great, I just expected a little
more flavor – even if that flavor was “salt” or something. It seems a shame
to intake fat from cheese and not even really get any pleasure out of it. I
would have saved the fat for something else. So in summary, my sandwich
looked fantastic, tasted like, well, just the focaccia bread. (I have no
idea if I’m spelling that correctly or not. The spell-check in my mail
software has no idea how it is spelled.